The Lahrman’s – A family Session

Hi friends! I hope your week has been treating you well and the weekend is something to look forward to. I’ve been enjoying the late summer heat after all the rain – with Saturday looking the way it is, we might even break out our little pool!

Today on the blog we’re hanging out with the Lahrman family! This beautiful collective of humans has graced the blog many times throughout my photography adventures. Between Devon and Mike, they’ve created these gorgeous mini humans that are filled to the brim with personality and intelligence. It’s always a pleasure working with them.

When I set up my swing mini sessions, I knew Devon and her babies would be perfect to bring life to the backdrop. We had a blast celebrating mom and throwing dad in on a few of these, too! As you look through them, check out how much individuality stands out in these pictures – every one of the little ones has the biggest voice.

Before you go, I just wanted to let you know that my holiday season schedule is already filling up! The busy season is going to be extra busy. So, to entice you to book your sessions early, I’m offering 15% off all of my packages until July 31st! Shoot me a message here or find me over on any of the plethora of social media sites to book a session.

Thanks for sticking around – enjoy my fun with The Lahrman’s!

Pat & Justin – Father & Son

Hi friends! So, I know its been a while. I clicked onto my own website the other day and kind of cringed at the date of my last post – how can I expect you guys to want to be around when I haven’t even updated you on my work in ages… absolute ages! You know how it gets, though – life is busy and some things end up taking a back seat. Fear not, however, I’ve been shooting nonstop and working with some of my very favorite people! One of the best parts of this job is getting to make friends with the people who come out to shoot with us.

Pat & Justin are gracing us with their father-son goodness today. Both of these fellas are humans that exist outside of my photography life, too. We’ve been shooting Justin since he was a tiny baby and Patrick is a good friend of ours from Josh’s job. It’s an honor to document the big moments in Pat & Kelly’s lives now that Justin is around making their time much more exciting.

As you go through them, take a look at just how similar these two are to each other. From looks to mannerisms, the Grant boys aren’t lacking in sameness. These were a blast to shoot and even more fun to share with you all!

Oh, before you start clicking through the gallery, I just wanted to let you know that we’re having a little sale on all of our full length sessions! Book before the 30th and grab 10% off. We’re also booking our Grinch photo sessions already, so jump on those while the good dates are still available! Joshy is being a bit more selective about his time in the suit! Send us a contact form to get your session booked!

I hope you guys enjoy Pat & Justin’s father-son session!

Kissing Booth Minis! <3

Happy Saturday, guys! I’m hoping that it’s the best kind of weekend day, whether that’s out and about, or on your couch with your favorite show. With my fella on the road, I’ve been doing some catch up & I can’t wait to share today’s photos with you all!

For Valentine’s this year, Josh & I decided it would be cool to hand make something a little different than our usual. If you know anything about Joshy boy, you know that he’s pretty handy – so, putting together the set up was a lot of fun. Pro tip – when you stain wood, wear gloves!

I had the idea of Lucy’s advice booth in the Peanut comics in the form of a kissing booth, & I think we totally nailed it! It’s easy to set up & a ton of fun to have people in front of. There’s nothing like reminding people of the simple things and getting a little cutesie while doing it.

We’re currently booking mini sessions with this fun little prop. These minis are the perfect gift or date night idea – we’re shooting for 25 minutes & having a blast while we do! If you’re interested in a session, send us a message – we’ve still got a few dates we’re setting up & making magic.

Check out the lovely Herrera family and their loves below – we met this family during Grinch mini times & enjoyed our time so much, we asked them to come out & shoot with us again! They’re both photogenic & filled to the brim with so much personality.

The Henson’s – Maternity Edition

Howdy, friends! The holidays were so nice that I decided to extend my vacation a couple of days – but I’m finally back & ready to take on what 2021 has to offer (here’s hoping it’s more lucrative than 2020)! I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season & getting the most out of time with friends & family, or even on your own if that’s your sort of dig!

Today’s blog post is about one of my favorite family – The Henson’s! These guys have been on my blog a time or two; I’ve watched little West grow up from small little bean to the bouncing almost 2 year old he is today. When Ash approached me for a maternity session with their latest addition, I was stupidly stoked!

I’m such a fan of the parent tag team that Ash & Q make; they let West be the big personality that he is while working really well together. The newest little guy is lucky to come into such an excellent family. We tackled the golden light over in Boerne – it was gorgeous & made for some of the best photos!

The newest addition of The Henson clan is here & well, so make sure you check back in the next little bit to see part two of this adventure; the newborns!

Kylee Kato – Class of 2020

Hi everyone! I hope the holiday season is everything you wish it to be – I know the world is a little crazy right now & everything looks a little different, but there’s nothing like the build up to Christmas! Josh & I spend a lot of it wrapped up in basketball, so much so that its become a part of our yearly tradition. I live for those, y’all!

Today’s blog post is all about the class of 2020 – these graduates had to battle out their last couple of semesters through a pandemic, which is a big accomplishment. On top of finishing out a degree, they figured out how to telecommute & learn via Zoom. A totally new generation of grads!

I met Kylee in the athletic academic center & have enjoyed getting to know her throughout her athletics journey at UTSA. I’m always a sucker for these graduation shoots & its even better to get to do them with people I’ve seen grow from tiny freshman to sophisticated graduates about to embark upon the world. UTSA has been my home for so long that it feels like a celebration every time I take a tour across campus.

We’re at the post graduation graduate sale time of the year – so book your grad session for $95 from now until the end of the year; it’s never too late to celebrate such a big accomplishment!

Mean One Minis – Elorah (& Torin, too)!

Hey friends! If you haven’t noticed, it’s the busy season – & I mean that with my whole heart; it’s so dang busy this time of the year. Especially in The Modica household. Between shooting, basketball season starting, and all of the family obligations – there’s a lot going on. I’m sure everyone is feeling that, at least a little – so I’m bringing you cuteness to help ease the ache.

What’s better than decompressing with one of my favorite Christmas characters, you ask? Nothing – there’s nothing better than watching my gorgeous husband get suited up, interact with our clients, and make appearances in at least half of the photos I send out (even if he is under that really warm mask :P). These shoots are some of my most favorite of the year; I relate to The Grinch in a lot of ways, so it’s cool to share that feeling and take it one step further in my work.

Torin & Elorah were a total joy to shoot with – Elorah wasn’t too keen on the big green man for a while, but she ended up coming around by the end. I’m always excited to see how these turn out, because every session is a little different, despite the same location/backdrop. It’s a lot of fun, y’all! I hope you’ve been enjoying as much as we have.

If you’re in need of one of these sessions, or just want to get some family shots done for the Christmas card, we’re running our “friends & family” discount, so don’t miss out while the goings good!

Until then, enjoy Mean One’s with Torin & Elorah!

Mean One Minis & Black Friday, Too!

Hey, everyone! Hope the lead up to turkey day is treating you well & you’re enjoying all of the cyber shopping that’s going on. As someone who gets overstimulated easily, trying to snag all the deals while they’re still hot is hard for me – but we’re getting there!

Over the past few weeks, Josh & I have been putting together our own little Christmas Town and bringing holiday cheer to our little corner of San Antonio. We’ve got one more weekend left and the spots are filling up fast, so don’t hesitate to grab one while you still can!

January & Stephen were a great couple that went with the flow & worked really well with the vibe that Josh was giving – it’s a lot of fun to really get along with clients; it makes the process so much easier. Between their masks and January’s cute baby belly, there wasn’t much that wasn’t awesome in these pictures!

& since I already mentioned cyber shopping, why not throw our Black Friday deals your way? We’re currently offering all of our full length sessions for $105 & our mini sessions for $65 (excluding mean one minis) – this is the lowest price of the year for these sessions, so grab them while they’re hot! We’re also running what we’re calling Christmas Card sessions for $175 – we’ll shoot for an hour & you’ll get 30 photos and 20 Christmas cards (of your choice, of course!) We’ll be keeping these prices around until 11/28 – book your session here!

Happy turkey week, y’all – check out some mean one mini photos below!

Rice, Party of 3 – A Family Session!

Hi everyone! Wednesdays are my Fridays, so I try and get a lot of work done so I can enjoy a little bit of time to myself during the next couple of days. I spent most of my evening adding the finishing touches to this family session & I’m so stoked about it!

Lionel & Liv are a part of the UTSA Athletics family with Josh & I, so it felt extra special to take care of their first pictures as a family. There’s so much personality between the three of them that it’s a joy to be in the same room. Leon has these big, beautiful eyes that are looking around and wondering about all the things surrounding him. As someone who’s fascinated with human development, it’s insane to see it in action from the very first steps. As a photographer, it’s the small little details like facial expressions & body movements that really bring it home.

These three are a perfect little unit and were an absolute joy to catch in their natural habitat. The sunlight was perfect, so I enjoyed going through these very much. Thanks for trusting me, y’all – I can’t wait to see your little family grow <3

Oh, before I wrap things up – our family sessions are $155 for the remainder of the year. It’s the perfect time to get those family photos done, so head over here & book yours 😀

Without further ado – The Rice’s!