Alamo City Roller Girls – May Bout

San Antonio is chalk full of entertainment, but you haven’t experienced what the city has to offer until you’ve seen a roller derby bout. Roller derby is one of those sports that you don’t know much about, but once you figure out what’s going on, you’re hooked. We’ve been to enough bouts to know the rules and appreciate how its played, but there’s definitely some die hards out there that make the game so much more interesting.

I was pretty fortunate to land a gig shooting Alamo City Roller Girls’ latest bout. We’d been spectators before and had a blast, but there’s something to be said about the time had in the middle of the track. The sport is already fast moving, so shooting seemed to be even more so. There’s so much happening, it’s hard to pick what you want to point the camera at.

These girls are shamelessly badass and I appreciate that spirit so much. I tried to capture all aspects of the sport, including the wear and tear on their skates and the colorful tattoos moving through the air. If you’re ever in San Antonio and looking for something to do, check out their site and get yourself some tickets to their next bout. It’s totally worth it!

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