Grad Week – Alabama Style!

If you know anything about Bobbie Modica, you know that she loves her family. That’s right, I’m a home body. Being a military kid, my family was the one true constant I always had, no matter what. As the years started to pass, my family became so much more than that. To this day, aside from my husband, my parents are still my best friends. Which is why…. this last week was such a crazy one. Two of my nieces and nephews graduated from high school! It’s insane to think that 18 years have already passed, but even crazier to think that these sweet souls are finally making their appearance into the real world.

My husband and I traveled back to Alabama to catch Ariel and Scott’s graduations. My family is split pretty evenly throughout the state, with a 45 minute driving interval between each of their houses. It’s always a blast to drive between the three of them and see the state in those little bursts – yet that’s the only way we’ve seen it… in little bursts. Luckily, this time around, we were able to explore more of Prattville and Auburn; both places we pass by, but neither one a customary stop.

For Ariel’s graduation pictures, we explored downtown Auburn. It’s a gorgeous place with this urban style that makes you feel like you’re not in Alabama anymore. The buildings stand tall with Tiger Pride written all over them. Some even shout it from the paint slathered on their walls. After driving through on our way up there, we knew this was the perfect place to take pictures of my gorgeous niece.

For Scott’s graduation pictures, we had the wonderful addition of his amazing girlfriend. Not only is Scotty one of a kind, but his other half is the missing piece that makes that complex puzzle so much better. We travelled to Jackson Lake Island to explore its foliage and appreciate the livestock (AHEM, live goats, people… live goats!) What unfolded was insanely gorgeous and filled with the most beautiful of backdrops.

All and all, it was a great week with gorgeous people and amazing accomplishments. In the words of Dave Brown… “You can do it… and you did.” Congrats, Ariel, Sam, and Scotty! Adulting is a blast.

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