Mama Brownie’s B-Day Shoot

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As an adult, it’s easy to think about my parents as friends. They’ve been the rocks I’ve needed in my life for the entirety of it, and now that I’m finally on my own two feet, all I want to do is be that for them, too. This goes for my ma especially. We haven’t always seen eye to eye. For the longest time, we did nothing but fight. Now that I’m a grown ass person, though, she’s one of the people that I have the most respect for. She’s loving and kind, fierce and the right kind of loyal. All things I aspire to be. Our relationship and the development of it has been one of the best things about growing up.

It was only natural to force my parents behind the camera. They’d been dodging me for a while, but the present idea I had for them was too good to pass up. Having such a big family, documenting as much as I can is important to me. These two, my gorgeous parents, are the heart of that family. Without them, my siblings and I would probably never see each other. The traditions and values we were taught growing up run deep within us when we’re all together, and it’s all my parents fault.

Without them, we wouldn’t be the weird people that we are.

When my mom’s birthday came around, we finally managed to pull the old coots out of the house and plop them into a gorgeous little venue. I got to boss them around for the entirety of our session, which was an amazing addition to an already fun time.

The way my parents love each other was the thing that made my time with them the absolute best. My father has never been shy about the depth of his love for my mother. You don’t even have to look that closely to see the intensity of his devotion. My mother is a bit more reserved in the way she expresses herself, but so many times throughout this, I caught her with genuine expression. When my mom is smiling, you know she’s feeling a great happiness.

It was an absolute gift to be able to give them these images… to share with them something that I’ve gotten to witness from the sidelines my entire life. Parentals, you’re the best. Thanks for letting me get my clicks in.

Check out their cuteness below. You won’t be sorry!

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