Brodica Family Adventures – Nature Edition

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Adventuring with my family is my favorite thing. If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed that’s a pretty common thing for me. I especially appreciate when my dad joins along on adventures with Josh and I. He’s the perfect addition to a time that’s already enjoyed so immensely. He also adds a bit of humor that blow the two of us away and keep us on our toes. There’s always a time to be had when the three of us are together.

To start the weekend, though, Josh and I headed off by ourselves. Austin is one of those places that you think you’ve explored a lot of until you look up things to do. When you can only check off a couple things from the list, you know you’d better get on exploring. My one request for the weekend was a new place to photograph, so a new place in Austin was just the ticket.

I do have to mention, though, if you’re heading to Hamilton Pools, you’d better make a reservation.

Not knowing that was our first mistake. We headed out early in the afternoon to catch the start of the good evening light. When we went to pull the address from the website, I noticed that several people were talking about the need for a reservation. Now, I’m all for what they’re doing. Having the ability to move around a gorgeous place like that is a must. It’s just frustrating when you didn’t do your homework and that fact slaps you in the face. Anyway. Josh and I quickly improvised and headed to McKinney Falls State Park, instead. What a gorgeous decision, too.

When we first pulled up, there was a line out of the gate –  which is always a good thing. It means the park is worth exploring. Once we got into the park and I got strapped up, we headed towards the lower falls. Guys, this place is a mecca of geology goodness. The way the water erodes the rock makes these huge craters that make the place look like the moon.

We picked a really hot part of the day, we found out later into our adventure, but the gorgeous scenery totally made up for it.


On Sunday, we managed to get my dad out the door with us. Josh and I have done a lot of adventuring in San Antonio, the Tea Gardens included. So this was a familiar adventure. No matter how many times we go, though, it never stops being insanely pretty. It was my dad’s first time, which made this time around even more fun for the two of us. Watching my dad light up as he saw the flowers and floating gardens was absolutely amazing. Before I was born, my parents spent a couple years in Japan, so he’s incredibly familiar with what we were looking at.

As I stood behind my camera, I noticed something that I haven’t really paid much attention to. My husband and my father, my two best friends, have created this weird relationship right in front of my eyes. They joke and laugh, talk about the boy stuff that I’m not quite into… they even have a traditional picture I make sure to take every time we’re all together. It’s one thing knowing that your two favorite people get along, but it’s another thing seeing and actually being a part of it. I’m so insanely thankful that that’s even a friggin’ thing!

Take a look at the cuteness below!


After all the adventures, it was nice to just sit around and relax today, but what a start to the summer! I can’t wait to see what we all get up to next!

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