I’m such a sucker for new experiences. I realized that over the passed couple of days. From taking a new job to getting my first crunch time gig, I’ve enjoyed every new thing that’s come my way here recently. It’s fun to get to try new things and realize that you might not be half bad at them.

This weeks adventure was another UTSA Men’s Basketball camp. This time, the kids stumbled in and ditched their parents as quickly as they could. They were so desperate to get onto the court that I had to wrangle a few to actually get the pictures that I needed. This was my first experience with assembly-line type picture taking, so it was nerve-wracking. Portrait photography is a hard thing to master, I’ll admit that. Yet, it’s so much easier to shoot subjects when they’re moving around, being natural, and not glaring at the camera with utter disdain a second before the shutter clicks. To say that most of these kids didn’t appreciate my request is a total understatement. Despite that… I’m grateful for this new experience and relished in every single second. I learned more in the span of an hour than I had in a little while.

The portraits below are what resulted. The bird head made an appearance in all of them and I’m insanely stoked to see just how big of a highlight it was. These were made into physical copies, but if anyone is interested in the digital copies, just let me know!

I’ll be at the High School Elite camp tomorrow taking as many shots as possible, so be on the lookout for those pictures sometime soon, too!

Before I go, it’s only appropriate to end with this. Birds up, y’all. Go ‘Runners!

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