If you like to travel at all, you’ve heard about the adventure that is New Orleans, Louisiana. Bourbon Street, Cafe du Monde… all the greatness that comes with the French Quarter has to be experienced at least once. Trying the delicious, fried goodness of a beignet is something that you have not lived until you’ve done. You could easily take a vacation there and put on some hard earned enjoyment weight if you’re not careful. Every mom and pop place is like a hidden gem that needs to be tried, so it’s crucial you pace yourself and prepare your feet for lots of walking to make up for all the eating you’re going to do.

I’m not one for crowds. I haven’t spoken much about that, but lots of people in a close proximity to me sets my anxiety on high alert. Which means that big cities are a big source of that heart bounding, sympathetic nervous system inducing stuff. I have to really try and enjoy myself when I’m in a place that I’m not familiar with, and that wasn’t too hard once we adventured around the first time. The infrastructure is interesting and allowed me to stay behind the camera where I’m more comfortable –  which helped tremendously!

The real reason we went, though, was the NATA convention taking place in Downtown New Orleans. The Josh of Boshnasty Photos is an athletic trainer and loves to attend these cool extended learning things. It just so happens that all of my education and expertise lies in that field as well, so it’s an enjoyable thing for us both to get to do. We spent hours upon hours in the convention center, talking to people with similar interests, and learning from those who are contributing new and exciting things to the field of athletic training and kinesiology. Getting to nerd out with my favorite person is by far one of my favorite things to do, and this trip had a lot of that. A lot, a lot…

All and all, I’d call the ending of our week pretty damn successful. A vacation has to be good when there’s learning, zoos attendance, and amazing food consumption. Exploration is the key to staying young and learning new things… I believe that firmly. It’s a blast not only to get to do it, but to photograph it while it’s happening, too.

Our NOLA adventure is down below. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

As a little side note –  you’ll notice all of the pictures now have watermarks on them! It’s an exciting thing to debut new steps the business is taking as it grows and expands.

Everything is available as a physical/digital print, so send us an inquiry is something catches your eye.

As always, thanks for enjoying the adventures we take right along with us!

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