Ms. Victoria

Being the youngest in my family, I’ve had a unique relationship with most of my nieces and nephews. Instead of being an authority figure to them, they’re much more like younger siblings, and more often than not, like friends, too. My sweet niece Tori is one of the lucky ones I got to grow up with. She’s the brunette version of Tinkerbell. She thrives off of people’s belief in her and the things that she does, and brings joy to everyone around her. It’s kind of cool to be a part of, honestly.

When I found out they were coming, I immediately made the time for a shoot one of the biggest priorities. There’s something to be said about shooting family. It’s a kind of fun that you don’t know you’re having until you’re right in the thick of it. To me, photography lets me get to know a person in their most natural way. Just think about getting to know your siblings and their children that way…. sounds good, doesn’t it? Any chance I get to shoot anyone in the family, I take it as quickly as I possibly can.

Josh and I took some time to pick the most perfect place for my gorgeous niece once we decided on a time. She deserves a backdrop that’s just as fun and upbeat as she is, so we figured Hemisfair Park was the perfect place. It’s a cool, eclectic combination of a bunch of different entertainment structures and water playgrounds. It just so happens to be in the heart of San Antonio, too, which makes it that much more interesting. Between the infrastructure around us and my niece’s beauty, it was a great time.

Here’s some goodness from the park…

It just so happens that the very next day was one of the most beautiful sunny days we’d had in a while. The rays were bright and streaming, and when it set, the sky turned this amazing purple/pink/orange that can’t really be replicated because of its natural beauty. I just so happened to have looked at my watch at the perfect time, because we were able to get amazing shots of this gorgeous lady right as the sun was going down. What kind of luck is that?!

Take a peak down below for the gorgeousness that is a sundown session.

Tor, you’re an amazing model and delicate soul. I enjoyed every second of our time together. You make being behind the lens so insanely easy. I can’t wait to see what life brings you next and to capture it for myself, too.

Thanks for tagging along, guys! The adventures are only just beginning.

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