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So, this photoshoot was one of my favorites I’ve done so far. How often do you get to shoot a couple of cute kids in superhero capes?! Not only did we pick a really cool location for this wicked cool shoot, but the sun setting was a perfect addition to it all. Shooting kids is a battle, depending on the mood their in and how well they take to having their picture taken, but give them a cape and they open right up. What kid doesn’t want to strike that iconic superhero pose?

These cuties just so happen to be my niece and nephew, so that brought a different element to the table, too. Like I’ve said in these posts before, shooting family is something I appreciate a whole lot – so you can imagine I soaked this one up. These two are on the younger spectrum of my family, which means I actually get to have a grown up relationship with them. That in and of itself is weird, but I’m learning to appreciate all the grown up experiences I can have. Especially because I got to orchestrate something so frigging cool with people I don’t have much in common with. It was cool to connect on that level.

Madison, my leggy blonde niece, is absolutely Wonder Woman, Not only did she put on the cape, but she personifies her, too. She’s the silent type, yet when she talks, her words pack a punch. Before this visit, she and I hadn’t done much talking. This time, though, I got to know her more and that’s something I’m stoked to have done. Finding a few commonalities here and there with the younger generation makes me feel a little less like the adult I’m slowly becoming. We both dig the hell out of superheroes, though, so some bonding naturally happened during this one. Check out her epic poses and fabulous beauty below!

Zach, he decided that Superman was his go to guy, which was also a very great choice. This kid is light on his feet and incredibly athletic. You can see it in the way he holds himself. As an athlete myself, I can spot it from a mile away. When I told him to pose, he took to it naturally, opening up in a way that he doesn’t do when you try and talk to him. I think he got to live out a dream that every little boy has… he got to be Superman for the day – and someone took pictures of it! Not only is he lively, this kid is pretty freaking cute, too. His soft smile and freckles enhance the auburn goodness that is his hair. An adorable little package, wrapped up in a blue Superman cape. His superhero experience is below!

Now, the coolest bit about spending time with these two was watching them interact. They have a cool relationship born from being pretty close in age and having similar interests. It’s cool to see that kind of relationship from a brother and sister. They were easy going around each other and enjoyed posing together just as much as they did on their own. Their smiles in some of these pictures below are some of my favorite!

Like I said, this one was a blast and I hope to get to do it again soon. Photographing the protectors of the universe is a total honor, in case you were wondering.

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Thanks for taking this adventure with us – there’s more to come soon!

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