UTSA Men’s Basketball Conditioning

If you’ve been following along, or you’ve followed us from Instagram, you know how much my UTSA family means to me. UTSA wasn’t just where I got my education. It’s the place I met my favorite person in the world, it’s the place my career started, and it’s the place I can call a home away from home. I appreciate everything I’ve learned and achieved because of UTSA, so it’s cool to give back, too. One of the coolest things I get to do is follow the Men’s Basketball team around with my camera. If you’re a frequent home game attendee, you’ve probably seen me on the sidelines or up in my little bird’s nest shooting. My dad and I go to the games together so we can both enjoy our hobbies.

One thing you miss out on if you’re not an athlete is the backstage stuff. You don’t see how much sweat and hard work is put into a performance on the court. You don’t get to see the rest and rehabilitation these guys have to go through just to keep themselves fresh enough to perform on a top tier level. You don’t get to appreciate all that goes into being an athlete. Not only was I one, but I’ve stayed in contact with the athlete world ever since walking away from it as one myself. So, you can only imagine how cool it was to shoot a session like this.

Thursday, I braved the heat with these guys and man was it a cool experience. I never liked pushing or pulling sleds when I had to do them, but it was exciting to see these guys work so hard and perform so well. As you look through the pictures, you’ll see each of these fellas bust their butt, then smile a few minutes later when the rep is over. As both a photographer and a former athlete, that’s honestly the greatest thing to see. I thoroughly enjoy the time I get to spend with these guys – especially this behind the curtain stuff.

Check out all their hard work below!

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, it was hot as hell out there! After they finished all their reps, Joshy boy took them for a little R & R. Now, these cool tubs these athletes have access to are freakin’ awesome! Safe to say they enjoyed that bit of the workout a bit more than the rest of it.

Keep checking back for more back stage posts like this one. Pretty soon, we’ll be heading to Costa Rica – which means all the great basketball action and even better action shots. Stay tuned!

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