ACRG Team Pictures

This shoot was an absolute blast. I love the Alamo City Roller Girls! Not only are they badass women who make toughness look both hardcore and completely delicate, but they’re genuinely cool chicks who laugh a lot and sling attitude on demand. When Amber approached me to do team pictures, I jumped on the chance immediately. It’s something when you’ve got to pose a bunch of people at once time, but it’s even more of a challenge when they’re all on skates.

This cool team deserved a cool place to be photographed and Blue Star Arts Complex didn’t let us down. There’s ramps galore for ease of movement for the ladies and lots of natural light to play around with. If you walk around, you can find cool little hidden murals, too. With the amount of tattoos on these chicks, it only made sense to end up around the murals some how or another.

Together, both the place and the people, this shoot ended up being one of the greatest. The pre-shoot nerves I feel every time I shoot quickly floated away and we got down to business. I think the final product ended up being like this team… a cool combination of badass, cool, feminine, and unique.

Check them out below!

So, if you want to see these chicks in action, come check them out at their next bout on August 18th! It’s a blast and you’ll have entertainment for a long while because you’ll want to keep on coming back every single time.

And – if you’re interested in seeing what these end up looking like as full blown posters, check out ACRG on Facebook & Instagram!

For shoots like this, or others like it, simply shoot us an inquiry! Let’s make some memories.

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