Aundrea & Angelo – A Stylized Shoot

The passed few weeks, I’ve been diligently getting ready for my end of the summer weddings, and what’s more perfect than a mock shoot? I approached Aundrea a couple weeks ago and she was immediately on board. Here’s a cool fun fact about me – Aundrea is the person I’ve known the longest in my entire life, not including my family. I’ve said time and again that I never really had the opportunity for a ‘forever friend’ experience, but Aundrea has come pretty close. We met in junior college and have kept in contact ever since.

The trials and tribulations of adulthood pulled us apart a few years ago, but no matter what, I can rely on her answering and us falling into the ease of our friendship so easily. Aundrea and I have been following a pretty similar timeline in our lives, too. We graduated, got engaged and married around about the same time. I know a lot of people are also doing what we’re doing, but it’s fun to see someone you know and care about getting to experience the same things you are. So, when I thought of a couple that would be perfect for this stylized shoot, it took me no time at all to think of Aundrea and Angelo.

Aside from their wedding, I had only met Angelo once before the four of us getting together on Saturday. I did not know what to expect from their relationship, but what I found was fun, exciting, full of laughter, and driven by a deep love. Angelo likes to laugh and that makes Aundrea smile a smile I’ve never seen before. They light up when they’re around each other and have fun, no matter what’s happening. Shooting these two was a blast not because of the fact that they enjoyed their time with us, but that they enjoyed their time together even more.

Aundrea and Angelo, thanks for bringing a vision I had in my head to life. Not only did you help relieve a few nerves for my upcoming projects, but you allowed me to capture the love and laughter between the two of you. I can’t wait to adventure with you guys again and see where the camera takes us next!

Check out their stylized shoot down below!

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