CHS Fall Sports – Senior Edition

Team pictures are a blast to take. It’s fun to work with Josh to come up with the perfect pose and ultimately the best picture. It’s not always the easiest to work with as many people as you do when you’re working with a group or sports team, but the badassness of the picture at the end is more than worth it. When I was approached to shoot for Clark High, I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I appreciate working with athletes a whole lot. From November until March, you’ll see this place littered with UTSA Men’s Basketball game coverage, so whenever I get a chance to work with other kinds of athletes, I jump…. high and fast, just to catch the opportunity. Not only was this a chance to work with athletes, but I also got to work with people who are just about to enter into the big kid world, and that’s always fun.

What you’ll find below is the outcome of a couple different senior team photo sessions. The Clark High School football, volleyball, cheer, and Top Cat teams got together to appreciate their seniors. From the matching outfits to the way these kids are friends, it’s easy to see why working with this population is the absolute best.

First up, you’ll see the two seniors of the cheer team!

Next up, the Top Cats!

And then these gorgeous ladies together!

IMG_0962 copy

Football offense….

Football defense….

The entire football team!

And last but not least, the volleyball team…

So, if you’re in the San Antonio area and you’re looking for some good old fashion high school athletics, check out Clark High’s fall sports schedule! As you can see, these athletes are both tough and charming, so you’ll have to see how they are on the court.

For those of you looking for your own senior session, drop us a message here and we’ll set something up. I can’t wait to help make your senior year the greatest!

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