Surfing – Costa Rica Edition

Last time I spoke to you guys, I promised a trip to Costa Rica – and here’s my first delivery of that promise. Costa Rica is a gorgeous place. From one side of the country to the other, there’s every kind of climate and geography you can think of. Our trip started in the mountains, surrounded by volcanoes. Eventually, we made our way through the rainforest and onto the gorgeous beaches of Costa Rica. Though we went in the rainy season, we managed to get a few good hours every day in the gorgeous sunshine. The clouds look like cotton balls and the sand is like chocolate syrup. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before!

The rest of this blog post will show you just how pretty this place really is. The guys got to catch a few waves on our last day in Costa Rica. We got onto the beach and it was gorgeous – the sun was shining, the waves were calm, and the tide was wide open, showing off the expanse of the beach. Not even five minutes later, the sky got a little darker and the water started coming in pretty quickly. By the time the guys actually got onto the boards, the waves were rocking!

Not only did these guys get to learn all about Costa Rican culture, but they also got to experience things like locals. All of the surf instructors were guys you could just tell were legit. You could tell they came out to surf on a daily basis and loved the hell out of it. Besides the gorgeous scenery, the authenticity of the experience was the best part.

Check out all the surfing fun below. I bet you can’t guess who learned quickly and who only got on the board once. You’d be surprised!

Pura vida, everyone! Enjoy UTSA Men’s Basketball’s surfing adventure.

I hope you enjoyed the first peek into our trip to Costa Rica. It was an experience that I can’t even begin to tell you about, but at least you can see through the pictures how amazing it really was.

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Thanks for tagging along. Until the next adventure…

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