Community Service – Costa Rica

Hey everyone! I’m checking in with the second part of our Costa Rica trip. There’s going to be so much basketball on here over the next few months that it didn’t make sense to even post any of the game pictures from this trip – because it was about so much more. We got to travel to a place where most people have no idea what’s going on, where there’s poverty and homelessness, where people are in need of help… and we were the perfect people to do that. One of the main goals of this trip was team building for the guys and our trip to the children’s orphanage played a huge part in their bonding process.

We walked into the children’s orphanage and were immediately sat down to be told about the program, and in doing that, we learned a lot about Costa Rica as a country. One of the main things people there care about is helping one another, even when they might not have much themselves. Thousands of little children reside in that home, go to daycare and schools, and get taken care of by these selfless people. One of the main things the person giving us the tour tried to get us to remember was that these kids don’t give a damn about anything other than human connection, about affection and being noticed. That’s easily one of the most disregarded things we have as people and it was kind of heart warming to see this group of guys set themselves aside and give everything else they could to these little people.

As you browse through the pictures, you’ll see the sheer amount of enjoyment in everyone’s faces – and that includes the guys themselves. There’s something about a small child standing at your leg, looking up at you like you could give them the world. There’s something about making someone’s day just by asking what kind of animals are hung on the wall. The more time we spent there, the more the guys opened up and enjoyed the freedom that simply playing can give a person.

As far as I’m concerned, this part of the trip was the coolest thing we did. I’m not the biggest kid person myself, but it was so cool to see young kids open up to people that are so different than themselves.

Take a look at the joy below. Not only are these kids adorable, but for whatever moments we could give them, they were happy, too!

If you ever get the chance to have an experience like this, you should take it. If nothing else, you get to feel like a little kid again. Yet, something deeper can be achieved as well. Walking away with a sense of purpose, whatever that might have been, seemed like something this mission did for the people in our group. I think no matter who you help or how you help them, it put things into perspective.

That’s it on the Costa Rica front for now. If you’re interested in your own photo session, or want us to follow along behind the scenes like this with you, drop a link here and lets make it happen! 

Thanks for joining us on this adventure! I can’t wait to see where we go next…

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