UTSA Fan Day!

Everyone knows that come September, football frenzy takes over. Even if you’re not a fan of football, you get swept up in the mess, regardless. One of the coolest things about getting to stick around a college campus after graduating is still getting to be a part of the cool traditions like football fan days and games. I didn’t miss out on the experience as a student and now that I have the opportunity to be a part of athletics in a different way, I’m even more excited!

A couple weekends ago before the Runners kicked off their first game of the season, UTSA put together a cool little fan day for the fans and to introduce the town of San Antonio to the 2018 football team. There were bounce houses, fun games to play, arts and crafts, and even athletes to hang around with. The sun was shining bright and there were tons of little ones running about enjoying the UTSA atmosphere. Some of the places that sponsor UTSA were even giving out cool little trinkets!

I got the chance to capture all of the fun stuff as it happened! I love being a part of the UTSA athletics family in the couple different ways that I am, and events like this just drive that feeling home even more.

Below, you’ll see pictures of fans, the athletes, the football team & cheer squad, and even some of the administration enjoying the festivities. If there’s one thing to be said about UTSA, it’s that the fans enjoy their football and wave that ‘come and take it’ flag very proudly. For all of my other UTSA Alum, or just plain fans – Birds up!

If you want to check out more Roadrunner action, they take the field at the AlamoDome on Saturday’s when they’re in town. Check out the school’s website for an official schedule. It’s always a fun time and the games are never boring.

If you want your own behind the scenes action shots, or any session at all, click this link and send us a message. We’d love to capture your memories!

Until next time, friends. Another adventure awaits…

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