Ryan – A UTSA Photo Experience

As a UTSA alum, and current employee, it’s always a blast to get to work with the younger generation that adores the Roadrunners as much as I do. So, when Melissa approached me to do a photo shoot with her son, I was excited. When she mentioned that he wanted it to be UTSA themed, I lit up just a little bit more. I’ll gladly be a part of growing someone’s love for both the Roadrunners and UTSA’s campus itself!

Both Josh and I knew Ryan before this photo shoot, so getting to take pictures of a child we know is both adorable and full of energy was a total treat. Ryan is full of life and intelligent to a T. He’s got the typical little kid sense of humor, but the delivery of someone my own age. He likes basketball and football and all things UTSA. When we showed up to start this shindig, Ryan, his mom, and grandma came up to us toting a paper bag full of trinkets and props! Rowdy got his own helmet and everything… it was a total to-do.

The best thing about this photo session, though, was the amount of fun we had going from spot to spot. Not only is Ryan young, but he’s hungry to experience as much of life as he possibly can, so he lives with his eyes wide open. That’s something that’s so refreshing to see, because not everyone handles themselves that way. Ryan, Josh and I enjoyed working with you so very much. We can’t wait to see what good you do for UTSA when you get here!

Check out these awesome shots below. You’ll want to be a Roadrunner fan by the end of your scrolling if you’re not one already!

I’m sure you can tell, just by looking at the pictures, just how much enjoyment Ryan got out of his all access tour around UTSA. It was just as fun for us and we hope to do more shoots like it in the very near future.

If you’re interested in your own photo session, click this button here and we’ll work together to make your vision come true.

Until the next adventure, friends. Keep on exploring!

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