Studio Sessions!

So, this is a super exciting blog post for us over at Boshnasty Photos! After working hard over the passed year or so, we’re finally bringing studio sessions to the game. We’re really excited for this because of the doors and freedoms this opens up for us as a business. What we invested our money in is something we’re excited to work with, use frequently, and bring to everyone willing to work with us to capture their memories.

To commemorate such a cool thing, Josh and I did a little studio session last night. As we took everything out of its box and put it together, I got really excited for whatever this opportunity is going to bring. When we got everything set up and I pulled my camera out, I got even more excited… because it’s really, really, really, really cool!

I love getting to throw Josh into the model position because he does it so well! He has this gorgeous smile that is both cute and sneaky. You never know what he’s thinking just by looking at him, which makes it that much better. When we were all done with the set up, I told him to jump in and we got some really great shots.

We’ve never posted a completely black and white composition before, so get excited! As I was editing, I thought the best way to portray all of these was through black and white. Below, you’ll get a little insight into who Joshy really is and the many faces he wears…

As you can see, Joshy gives lots of different looks and remains handsome the entire time he does so. It was a blast to give direction and see the awesome studio lighting making these already gorgeous images that much prettier. As always, thanks for being the brands model, my love!

If you’re interested in your own studio session, click this button here and we’ll get started making your photography visions come true.

Before I leave, I want to ask everyone about mini sessions! Would people be more excited about Christmas sessions or late fall/Halloween sessions. Leave a comment here and let us know what you think! When we’ve figured out the nitty gritty, I’ll post a sign up here, if you’re interested.

Thanks for tagging along, friends. Until the next adventure!

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