The Cobras!

I love action shots a whole lot. If you’ve been around for a while, I’m sure that’s something you’ve noticed. One of the coolest pieces of action shots is the candid nature of them. There’s nothing you can do about your face when you’re in the middle of a jump shot, or you’re running after someone who shouldn’t have passed you to begin with. Action shots let you see a little sliver of the person underneath the well put together face people usually show when they know they’re getting their picture taken. Now, after working with such a young audience, I know that action shots give you the purest look into someone’s passion, aggression, and overall attitude, too!

I got the opportunity to do portraits for The Cobras! Matt Merchant is a friend of mine who just so happens to work with a youth basketball team and he called me up to have me come out and do portraits/action shots with his team! These kids are a bundle of energy and it’s one of the greatest things to watch. I can’t remember ever having that much energy, but I know that I was nine once…

What you’ll find below are the portraits I did of each of the boys. I think they had a lot of fun getting put through the poses because they were something different and new. Each kid got to go through some fun poses before we had the next one step up and try their hand at modeling, too! You can tell by their looks that they got more excited as the shoot went on.

Enjoy these cute little faces!

These fellas also got some action portraits done during their latest game. Not only did The Cobras win, but they did it by a lot and everyone seemed to have fun. One of the things you’ll notice the most when you look through these pictures is how well you can see the enjoyment on their faces. Absolutely half of the fun for me!

Cobras, thank you for letting me take your wonderful pictures and enjoying a sport that means a whole lot to me! I hope to do it again for you guys soon. Keep on playing hard and winning, guys. We over here at Boshnasty Photos believe in you!

If you’re interested in your own studio session, or action shots for your team, click this button here and we’ll help in making your photography wants & needs come true!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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