UTSA Inter-Squad Scrimmage

I can literally feel basketball season coming on. The upcoming season is in the air and the guys can smell it. They have been working hard for countless months just to be ready for the next few that will pass us by. The posters are starting to come out, and the hype session that is Rowdy Jam is just around the corner. Hell – UTSA’s first exhibition game is on November 7th, and we all know that’ll be here before we even know it.

One of the best things about pre-season, as I’ve come to learn, is the aggression. These guys are doing what they can whenever they can to earn some playing time on the court. This means busting ass for balls on the ground, covering defense harder, and shooting shot after shot – just to be seen and show just how worthy and deserving they really are. As a bystander, it’s one of the greatest things to watch. I can’t wait for games to start, but this pre-season gear up is one of my favorite things by far.

Last Saturday, the guys did a little inner-squad scrimmaging so they could get to learn some of the new thing the referees might call, and to put themselves in check after a lot of time of being able to foul however they want. It was so cool to see the different line ups and how all the guys mesh with each other. I’m so very excited to see what Coach Henson does with the layers upon layers of talent he has in both the guard and post positions. Like I said, these guys are hungry and it shows!

The pictures down below will show you just how hard these guys are working. If you looked through the September post, you’ll be able to see a huge difference between then and now… merely because we’re that much closer to the season.

Runner fans, you’re not going to want to miss these down below…

If these pictures don’t get you stoked for basketball season, I’m not sure what will. The guys take on their first home game November 7th at the Convocation Center. You’re not going to want to miss it, scouts honor!

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Until the next one, friends. Keep adventuring…

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