UTSA v Oklahoma

It’s kind of cool to get texts from people telling me they saw me on TV on the sidelines with my camera. Not only was this game super exciting to watch for most of it, but those texts were a reality from it, too! When Oklahoma comes to the convo, the student and San Antonio community come out in full force to support. It didn’t hurt that UTSA’s Head Coach used to play a huge part in Oklahoma’s basketball program, either. Big games are big games, but they’re even more enjoyable when there’s something more personal about the game, too.

I was so excited to stand on the sidelines to watch this game. I can’t lie, being able to camp out so close to the action is one of the major perks of being an action photographer. There’s nothing like watching a play live and then being able to review it through my view finder the very next second. I appreciate every shot I get to take, and this game was no exception.

Though UTSA didn’t come out on top, they played a well fought game for a majority of it. From watching them in a practice setting to getting to see them play a team like Oklahoma, it’s been crazy to see how much each guy has improved and how much room they still have to become better and better as the season goes along. I’m super stoked to spend the rest of the season on the sidelines getting picture after picture of these amazing athletes in action.

If you missed this one and these pictures aren’t enough to really give you the right feel, you can catch this gang of guys back at the Convo on December 1st against Texas State. The I35 showdown returns to San Antonio after a game played in San Marcos last season.


There you have it! It’s fun to relive the game through these images, so I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. In the next version of UTSA Men’s Basketball, we’ll see just how the showdown between Texas State and our Runners goes.

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Until the next time, friends. Keep on adventuring…

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