Caitlyn & Raphael – An Engagement Session

This engagement session was an interesting one from the very beginning. Leading up to this one, both Josh and I were watching the weather really closely. It’s not the funnest thing, shooting in the rain, so we crossed our fingers and hoped the moisture would stay at bay. In the end, that didn’t end up happening. We scouted out the location with our hoods up and my cameras tucked safely into my jacket to escape the rain.

A little wet didn’t stop us from getting some great shots, though! Caitlyn and Raphael showed up with big smiles and excitement in their eyes. We could tell they were just as excited to get these pictures taken as we were to take them. They looked adorable in their grey and navy blue outfits, matching and complimenting each other in all the right ways. Though we moved relatively quickly through all the locations, we were still able to get some really great shots.

Caitlyn and Raphael as a couple are super fun to be around and seem to enjoy being together immensely. They joke and pick on each other like all those best friends who are both in love and know each other as well as one person can know the other. They smiled for the camera and allowed who they were as a couple to really shine through. It was a joy to capture a little piece of their love that they could share with the rest of their friends and family.

This Brackenridge Park engagement session was unique and turned out so, so well! Check out all the cuteness of Caitlyn & Raphael’s adorable session…

There you have it! The Salonga’s celebrate their marriage in the next couple of weeks and it’s going to be a gorgeous time! I can’t wait to continue documenting their start of forever together.

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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