UTSA v. MACU – 12/8

The Runners’ return to the Convo was a pretty great one! There were a couple different teams and organizations there watching and learning from the guys, which is always cool to see. The student section was active, especially when the refs didn’t make the greatest call… or did anything against UTSA really. The greatest bit of it, though, was the ‘shots on fire’ feeling we all had throughout the night. There were several possessions throughout the night that I didn’t have a chance to shoot because of how quickly the ball was put into the basket.

It’s always nice to see shots being made, but it’s even cooler to see how it motivates each of the guys. The more the ball went in the basket, the better they all seemed to feel. Jhivvan and Keaton, both with hot hands, pushed others to play well. Duck in particular seemed to be captivated by the energy being created by some of the guys out there. As the guys come to the end of their academic semesters and enter into the beginning of conference play, a win like this is always the nicest thing possible.

If you didn’t make it to the convo to see The Runners score 100+ points against MACU, that’s okay! They’re coming back home on December 17th, so you can come watch them kick can then. Since we’re getting closer to the holidays, they’re putting Christmasy twists on everything. Last night’s treat was sugar cookies!

In the collection below, you’ll see lots of shots made, cool plays, and hard work. Pay particular attention to their facial expressions as the game progresses. It’s pretty obvious that playing well and winning is pretty fun.

There you have it! The Runners played insanely well against MACU last night, making the game enjoyable to watch and shoot. If you missed it, don’t worry! UTSA MBB returns to the convo Monday, December 17th.

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Until next time, friends! Keep adventuring…

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