Christmas Pictures – Eliza Parker Style!

Guys, this shoot you’re about to see was by far one of the best I’ve ever done. Not only did Josh and I get to style it the way we want, but we had these great people with us, creating these images. Eliza is someone who works in my office and brings light and joy to everyone around her. If you ask our athletes, they’ll tell you she’s their favorite tutor… hands down. It’s one of the coolest parts of being in my office, honestly. Watching the guys connect with someone… anyone… is always rewarding.

Eliza brought the whole crew for this fun photo shoot. Between the gorgeous puppy and the stunning humans… it was almost too much. The fact that she told me to approach the group as a family is one of the greatest parts of this shoot. These people, her roommate and boyfriend, are Eliza’s chosen family. They are people she keeps in her life and embraces the way she does because they are vital to her being and how she likes to extend it. That’s an absolute joy to be around and even more fun to document on camera.

These images start with a cool little posed backdrop and make their way through The Greenway over by campus. It’s a beautiful spot and the day happened to be the best one in a while… the perfect combination for a great photo shoot. As you go through the images, pay special attention to the happiness that is exuded in each one. There is lots of laughing and the greatest natural smiles you’ll ever see. One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting to know a person in their most natural state. I love candid shots and can’t believe the awesome ones I managed to get of these three.

Enjoy the Christmas magic and let this little family unit remind you what’s important around the holidays!

If you couldn’t tell, I had a great time with these pictures. They were full of life and so easy to bring out the most natural beauty in all of them. Eliza, thank you so much for sharing your family with us. We can’t wait to do it again!

Since it’s Christmas time and I’m feeling the season, we’re doing another set of Christmas minis! These are 25 minutes, digital prints, and a super cheap price. If you’re interested, send us a message here and reserve your spot!

If you’re looking for any kind of session information, click this link here and we’ll work together to make your vision come to life! We can’t wait to work with you.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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