The Nutcracker: Act 1 – Friday 12/14

Guys, it’s an exciting day – I’m debuting a new form of action shots! My gorgeous niece has been a dancer for most of her life. I’ve been watching her grow up in her dance shoes of choice and it has been awesome! I have no dance skill whatsoever, so I thoroughly respect people who can make that type of art with their bodies.

Tori’s love affair with ballet brought us to Alabama this weekend to take in The Nutcracker, which she was absolutely stunning in. Last year was my first ever show, and it was definitely an eye opener. I shot the entire thing that year, and it was a blast. When my sister asked us to come and enjoy it again, I was in. When she asked me to shoot it, the invitation became that much more awesome.

If you’ve never seen The Nutcracker, it’s a show done all through dance. There is incredible music that goes along with the fluid moves that merely enhances the experience. Basically, Clara gets a nutcracker for Christmas that she later dreams is a real boy. The two travel through The Land of Sweets, meeting all of the different inhabitants. It’s a great show and is packed full of excitement. I’m so happy to have gotten to see it both through the lens and in person.

Below, you’ll find the action shots of Act 1.

All of these pictures are for sale (without the watermarks)! I would love to share these beautiful images with friends and family of the people involved in the show. Prices are: 1 for $7.50, 3 for $20.00, and 5 for $35.00. If you’d like to purchase any of them, simply click this link here and send us a message. All I need you to do is click on the image you’d like to make it full size, give me the number of the image (IE. IMG_6560) and we’ll work out the best deal for you!


There you have it! All you Nutcracker fans, check back in the next couple of days to see Friday night’s Act 2. I cannot wait to share the Land of Sweets with you guys!

If you’re interested in your own session, click this link here and we’ll work on making your vision come true! I love my job and can’t wait to meet you guys!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

2 thoughts on “The Nutcracker: Act 1 – Friday 12/14

  1. Jamie Johnston

    I just have to say these are such amazing photos. I have been a dance mom since Tori was 5 and I can honestly say the photos here are phenomenal. These are all amazing shots. Each one highlights the beauty, talent, and joy of each dancer. There is a love that dancers have that most people wouldn’t understand. Thank you for taking the time to do these. I look forward to seeing the rest. Lots of love to all you dancers out there. An extra special love for my sister who took these photos. You are amazing! xoxoxo

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