The Nutcracker: Act 2 – Friday 12/14

As promised, I’m delivering on Act 2 of The Nutcracker! If you’ve never seen this production before, this is Clara’s dream sequence. To me, it’s by far the best part. As a kinesiologist, watching these ladies do pointe is so insanely interesting to me. It takes so much strength and flexibility to stay on your toes that way… and to do it for complete numbers… awesome! As you go through the pictures, pay special attention to how straight their legs and ankles actually are. That’s something else!

I also appreciate this act because we get to hear a bunch of different music that coordinates perfectly with the dancing going on. I’m a big music nerd, so I’m always excited to see how it’s paired with movies, tv shows, and of course… dance productions. Throughout each of the pieces, the key dancer moves according to the rise and fall of the tunes behind them. It’s a total treat!

I’m so very excited to show off these pictures, because they’re so cool! All of the costumes are great, all of the numbers are epic, and the build up to the professionals dancing at the end is phenomenal. If you enjoyed the Act 1 pictures, you’re totally going to want to eat these ones up!

All of these pictures are for sale (without the watermarks)! I would love to share these beautiful images with friends and family of the people involved in the show. Prices are: 1 for $7.50, 3 for $20.00, and 5 for $35.00. If you’d like to purchase any of them, simply click this link here and send us a message. All I need you to do is click on the image you’d like to make it full size, give me the number of the image (IE. IMG_6560) and we’ll work out the best deal for you!

There you have it! All you Nutcracker fans, check back in the next couple of days to see Saturday night’s Act 1. I cannot wait to share the some of the new leads with you guys!

If you’re interested in your own session, click this link here and we’ll work on making your vision come true! I love my job and can’t wait to meet you guys!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

2 thoughts on “The Nutcracker: Act 2 – Friday 12/14

  1. Jamie Johnston

    Fantastic job love. I am so very proud of the hard work you put into this. You are an amazing photographer, sister, aunt, and friend. I hope all those that see these photos knows how special they really are. You have an amazing talent and can’t wait to see more. Love you tons!! BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!!!!!!

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