UTSA v. Bethany

It’s always nice when the last couple of games leading into the holiday break are ones we all know we should probably win. The pre-season is a collection of winning, losing, and learning. The UTSA basketball boys were no exception to that rule this time around. They took some hard losses, but also kept at it with some spectacular wins. Their game on Monday night against Bethany was one of those beautiful wins. It’s always nice to take home a W in the Convocation Center.

This game against Bethany was filled with three point shots, dunks, and several amazing bouts of ball movement. The guys seemed to find their groove during this match up. It was easy to see that the guys really enjoy when they’re shots are flowing. The threes become lucrative, and their love for the game compounds tenfold. When people are enjoying what they’re doing, it’s much more fun to watch them do it. This game… totally no exception.

If you missed it, don’t worry about it! UTSA Men’s Basketball has a whole conference season to play throughout the next couple of months. Pre-season is full of fun match-ups, but conference is where the real competition comes into play. You’re not going to want to miss watching The Runners progress through their season and become the best team that they can be!

Until then, check out some images from their competitive game against Bethany College! Count the post three point shot pictures if you’re feeling daring…


There you have it! Their game against Bethany was filled with hard fought competition, threes galore, and a passion for the game that’s tough to come by sometimes. If you’re interested in catching UTSA’s next game, they’re showing up 12/29 in the Convo against S. Eastern Oklahoma @ 3PM. Don’t miss it!

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Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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