The Trammell’s – Holiday Edition

Ah, I love adorable families… especially around the holidays. Geanie and Tommy have raised two beautiful boys that have personalities that are unique and almost too big for the rest of the world to deal with. They both have winning grins and that sweeping hair that’s going to get them into trouble in their adult lives. All and all, their boys are so damn cute and extremely photogenic. I’ve been photographing them for a long while now and it never stops being a pleasure.

This family has had their ups and downs over the passed little while, but you can tell that they’ve banded together and decided that family is the most important. There are relationships between the brothers and their parents that most kids will never be able to realize. It’s interesting to watch a family grow, because once you know everyone for who they are, you can see it so plainly. I love being around people in a photographic setting… especially families. How they all interact with each other is raw and genuine, and sets up the pictures nicely. As you go through these, you’ll be able to see the ever present affection and patience this family has with each other.

These pictures were a blast to take and turned out more than adorable. It didn’t hurt that they had a perfectly decorated house that made for the perfect backdrop! When you go through these pictures, take in how cute the boys are, how natural everyone looks together, and how nice of a family The Trammell’s seem to be.

Enjoy the holiday cuteness below!

There you have it! Another beautiful family documenting their gorgeousness around the holidays. These Christmas sessions have kept the spirit alive and I’m digging that so much. I love my job as a photographer and amazing families like this make it that much better!

If you’re looking for your own photo session, simply click this link here! I can’t wait to speak with you and come up with a plan to make your vision a reality. Let’s make some magic happen!

Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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