UTSA v. Rice

Hey, everyone! I hope you all are having the best Monday possible and the week is looking bright and shiny in the distance. If you’re not, don’t fret… it’s only Monday. There’s still six days left to get it right. Speaking of getting it right, UTSA has been doing that on the basketball court here recently. There’s nothing like starting the season with an undefeated record!

On Thursday of last week, UTSA took on Rice. Rice is always a good game because there’s that closeness in distance between our two schools that creates a bit of a rivalry. I’ve been watching UTSA basketball for more than five years and we’ve exchanged wins with them every single season. This season is a bit different, though, because the guys will only play everyone in the conference once… which means we’re 1-0 against Rice and will more than likely stay that way this season.

If you didn’t make it to the game, you didn’t see the Runners come close to scoring 100 points. The shots were draining, the defense was on point, and everyone played so dang well with each other. The more you watch these guys, the more you see the togetherness that is going to take them far during this season and into the next. I’m so stoked to see what these guys have up their sleeve as the season progresses.

The guys are on the road this week, but that’s alright – they’ll return to The Convo soon! Catch UTSA MBB take on Charolette, January 24th @ 7PM. There aren’t that many home games left, so take advantage while you can!

Without further ado, here are my favorite action shots from UTSA’s WIN against Rice!

There you have it! Catch the next game on our turf January 24th @ 7PM! The more these guys play together, the better they are… and it’s totally worth the trip!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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