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The older I get, the more I like to look back on things. I love living in the moment and enjoying my life every second that I can – don’t get me wrong. There’s something to be said about reminiscing, though. I’ve appreciated looking back to see where my growth has occurred and where I haven’t changed a single bit. It’s reassuring to look back and see that I’m still me, that I can grow and change – but I’m still me.

Since Josh and I have been married, I do that a lot with his and I’s pictures, too. I love to see how bright eyed we were when we first met, how the love was so visible between us – and how that hasn’t changed. I annoy the heck out of Josh with my insane need to take pictures, but I know that these memories are ones we’ll never want to forget. Ten years from now, when we’re in a totally different stage in our lives and our marriage, it’ll be nice to look back and see what it was like when things were new and fresh between us. I treasure all of the pictures I get to look back on, which is one of the best pieces of being a photographer, too. Since all of that means so much to me, I know that it has to mean a lot to other people, too!

Which brings us to what you guys are all excited about… Josh and I are happy to announce our next Boshnasty Photos contest! Love is in the air and we’re going to try and capture it. The winner of this contest will win a free couples session for themselves and their significant other. We want to help create those memories that Josh and I are so fond of. We’ll stylize it, we’ll bring you into the studio, we’ll follow you around your natural habitat and capture the beauty of your relationship… whatever the winner wants! This is about love and excitement – so let’s make some gorgeous memories for you guys to cherish forever.

There’s more good news! For everyone that enters the contest, we’ll be sending out a 30% off voucher for a session booked in 2019. That’s $100+ in savings! So, there’s really no reason not to put your name in and participate.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow the blog
  2. In the comments below, tell us a little about you and your significant other!
  3. Check back on February 14th to see if you’ve won!

It’s pretty simple and the benefit is more than amazing! For bonus entries, head over to Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, follow @Boshnastyphotos and your name will be entered into the giveaway again. If you follow the post rules on each of those social media sites, you’ll be able to put your name in 6 times! That’s six chances at a free couples session and a guaranteed 30% off coupon just for entering.

There you have it! Simply follow the guidelines and check back February 14th to see if you’re the lucky winner. One of the best gifts a person can give their partner is the opportunity to make and capture memories of your love. In the meantime, click this link here to book a session and give your person the best gift you possibly can!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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