Baby Henson

Hi everyone! I hope the middle of the week is treating you well. I’m currently sitting at home sick, but what can you do? It only gave me more time to edit and appreciate this piece of my life a little more.

Anyway – I’m sure from the title you’ve gathered that this blog post is featuring a sweet little baby. Ashleigh and Quinton are good friends of ours and I was so stoked to get the opportunity to work with not only them, but their adorable newborn as well! For someone who doesn’t have any kids, it’s fun to watch other people navigate raising another human life. Especially people who have never done it before. Ash and Q are so gentle and you can tell that they love their little boy so so much.

I’m always excited when people approach me to do things with their children. Though that isn’t in the cards for Josh and I in the near future, I still get excited when we get to hang out with the little ones. I never really understood growing until I was passed the age when baby dolls and cute babies would’ve been an interest of mine. Yet, now that I’m older, I love to take in all the growth around me. And wouldn’t you know it, babies are the best marker of growth and the most fun to watch become the person they’re going to be. West Henson is no exception. We’re all a part of the UTSA Basketball family right now and I can’t wait to see what he looks like when he’s six months and how his eating habits as a little fella will effect things as he gets older.

In the pictures below, you’ll see just how cute this little guy is and just how much his parents love and care for him. As a new parent, I think I’d be scared to death, but these two tackle parenting like it’s their job – and I’m so so impressed. Ash and Q, thank you so much for letting us take part in this cool life experience. We can’t wait to spend more time with your blossoming family!

Check out the cuteness – you won’t regret it!

There you have it! Baby West, you’re probably one of the most loved babies on the planet. There are so many people rooting for you and can’t wait to see who you become. Ash and Q – y’all created something marvelous.

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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