A JPL Adventure

One of the best times to do photography is when you’re doing it for fun. For me, this whole thing started as a hobby and slowly but surely grew into what it is today. It’s a busy world and a lot of the time, I get caught up on the business end of things. This year, I told myself I would spend more time trying to live in the now… which means doing things to be in the now – like photoshoots with a good friend. I got an inquiry I was nervous about, so I asked my good friend Shelby to help me out… and it was a blast in the process.

Ms. Shelby is a tutor in the office I work at. We have both been hanging around that place for a couple years now, so it has been fun to get to know her over the course of that time. The more we chat, the more I know this chick is someone I can genuinely get to know. She’s as sweet as can be, full of faith, and damn smart. I’m a huge nerd and academic, so it’s a blast to be around people that are on that same level. More often times than not, we end up talking about the latest academic thing or what we’re looking into studying next. It’s probably one of my coolest friendships and I’m totally grateful for it.

When I asked Shelby to take some pictures, she was on board pretty quickly. We decided to take our little adventure to the John Peace Library on UTSA’s campus. I didn’t spend much time there as a student, my study place was the Student Union… but it’s a fun place to explore nonetheless. We found ourselves a corner that wasn’t too busy and got to it. In the process, I found places in that library that I’ve never even seen before… which is one of the best parts of being a photographer. The more you adventure with people, the more you learn about the world – and I’m totally here for it.

Check out our library adventure below. This is what happens when two nerds enter the library with pictures in mind… playing with books and roaming the racks. Enjoy the nerdy goodness below!

There you have it! I always knew you could have fun in a library, books are kind of my thing… but it’s even better when you have a fellow nerd/book lover with you. Shelby spent time actually reading the books she went through, which is one of the best parts of this day.

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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