Hi there, everyone! I hope everyone had a thoughtful and lucrative MLK day. Today has been a day packed full of time spent with my father, editing, and lots of contemplation. We’re currently watching Haunting of Hill House and that makes your brain go in all sorts of different directions! But, one of the best things about having a day off is being able to absorb myself in the art that I like to produce.

You guys see a lot of the UTSA Men’s Basketball team on here, but not so much with the women. However, that’s going to change! The ladies are going to be making more appearances throughout the next couple of months because their games are just as fun and bring a whole new type of action shot to the table. If you’re a sports fan, you know that the men and women’s game is never quite the same. As an athlete who has played on both sides of the coin, I totally know this. I loved playing basketball growing up and the more I played with my guy friends, the more I appreciated playing with my girls on the court when it came to actual games. There’s a uniqueness to women’s sports that is so cool.

I showed up a little late to this game, so the ladies were already underway, but I came to finish out the first half, and man I’m glad I did. It’s always interesting to come in on something halfway through, and this wasn’t any different. I hadn’t a clue how the girls were trailing or what the plays were like before I stepped onto the sideline… so I got to shoot with the slightest bit of mystery and intrigue. As someone who pays attention from the second the athlete steps on the court to the second their done… it was an overall interesting experience.

The ladies didn’t bring this one home, but it was well fought and definitely intense. These ladies are a blast to watch and even with their limited amount of playable players on the bench, they still bring the fire and fight. They’re going on the road this week, but check the ladies out next week, Thursday 7PM!

Peep the battle below.

There you have it! If you’re in the mood for UTSA athletics, the guys are back in the convo this week, Thursday 7PM! They’re taking on Charolette and ODU this week, so you’re not going to want to miss it!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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