Updated VDAY Mini Sessions

Hi everyone! I have been cooking this idea around for a while, adding things to it, taking people and things away from it. It has been a process, but I’m super excited to go along with it! I know it’s not everyone’s favorite holiday, but I’m stoked to celebrate it this year. Valentine’s Day isn’t a big one between Josh and I. This is a busy time of the year for the basketball team, and they’re usually traveling right around the holiday. So, instead of being bummed about it, I’m choosing to spread the love and cheer around with some Valentine’s Day mini sessions!

These mini sessions are going to be stylized by Josh and myself, crafted with some really cute, corny VDAY excellence. We’ll be doing short little bursts of pictures for families with small children, or people with those puppy pals that don’t quite sit still. I think these sessions are really cool because they give everyone the chance to have some new photos done without having to pay or pencil in time for a full session!

Each of these sessions are $80 and will be 20 minutes long with 20-25 high resolution images. Each of these sessions will be filled with fun, excitement, and lots of cute Valentine’s Day awesomeness. I’ve included the inquiry form down below to make contacting us about these sessions a little easier.

I’m sure you’re wondering about when, so check out the dates and time below:

Sunday, January 27th: 10:15, 11:15, 11:45, 12:15,

Sunday, February 10th: 10:45, 11:15, 11:45, 12:45

Once the time slot has been filled, I’ll close it down and make it unavailable. It’s a busy time of the year around the Modica house, so the Sunday’s were opening up are pretty precious. We’re stoked to spend them with you guys, though – it’s going to be a fun way to lead up to the holiday!

If you’re interested in these mini sessions, fill out the inquiry form below. I’ll be taking these inquiry forms until the day of the first set of session! Simply fill it out, add any extra comments and concerns, and we’ll work together to make these sessions awesome!

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