All About Those Action Shots

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know just how much athletics and sports monopolizes my life. My daytime work is within the athletic department. My nighttimes are filled with basketball games and practices, and more sports and shop talk when we go home. To say that The Modica’s are all about sports is kind of an understatement. Most of this website is filled with action shots of all kinds, so I thought to myself… why not offer up packages and shooting services to all the people that live the same life as me, just without the fancy camera? It seems kind of silly that it took me this long to realize action shots are something that everyone likes.

I remember when I was an athlete and someone would approach us with action shots, I’d be super excited. It’s really cool to see all of your hard work right in front of you. That’s one of the things you miss as the person in the pictures… you’re so busy living the moment that you don’t get to see it happen –  but action shots help that out so so much! I remember thumbing through all of them, in awe of what my body could do and how cool it looked to be the object of someone else’s art. Now, as a photographer, I appreciate the flip-side of that. My life has been about participating in sports and when I stopped, I kind of lost that rush. As a sports photographer, though, it’s like being right back in it, living out the moments…. and capturing them for all the amazing athletes I surround myself with to see.

So – after all the longwinded nonsense, I’m sure you’re wondering what we’re up to. Boshnasty Photos will now offer up freelance sports and action photography services. I’m talking shooting packages that are built around action shots, prints, and fun little extras. I love when my weekends are full of sports and competition – it’s the Bobbie Modica way! I’m super stoked to finally be able to offer a service like this, so here’s hoping everyone else is, too.

I’m still working on crafting a page to house all of the services we offer, so for now, I’m setting up a contact form at the bottom of this page. Simply send us a message with a few details about the event and I’ll shoot you all of our package options to get us started!

I’m pumped to take in as many little league, YMCA, recreational games that I possibly can! There is no limit to the sporting activity I’ll do (other than stuff underwater – I don’t have the equipment for that, sorry!). I have experience with many different sports and would love to try new ones, too. Let’s make some memories and capture a part of your athlete’s life that you guys can treasure and remember together forever!

If you’re curious, I’ve put together some of my favorite action work from the fresh year of 2019!

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