Sorry guys, but the game I’m about to post is totally worth the hooting and hollering. If you weren’t in the convo for this amazing comeback, you definitely missed something insanely special. This game was basketball magic in the making, my friends. It was easily the best last 3 minutes I’ve ever witnessed in my life… and I’ve seen a lot of sporting events.

For most of the game, the guys were battling. There were important shots that didn’t go in early in the game, there were a few turnovers here and there… like I said, a legit battle. Though they never really pulled ahead, the guys were not about to get beat without a fight. As the minutes clicked by, our starters started to claw at the lead ODU had over them. The crowd got into it the more the guys fought and the more crazy the crowd went… the more the guys fought. It’s crazy to see and experience what a live audience will do to a players confidence and drive.

If you follow UTSA Basketball at all, you know that this comeback is the 2nd largest in NCAA history! That’s in-friggin’-sane! There’s nothing like knowing the guys you shoot and the school you attended are as great as you’ve always thought they were.

The guys are on the road this week, but they’ll return to the convo next Thursday! Something everyone has learned from this passed home game is that you never want to miss a single minute in the convo. To all of those people who left with 3 minutes to go… DON’T! It seems like these guys play even better under pressure, so you can legitimately say that the best is yet to come.

All my Roadrunner fans, this one’s for you!

There you have it! If the last picture in this series shows you anything, it’s that these games are so enjoyable… even the guys think so. Come out to the next home game on Saturday to watch the Ladies and then again next Thursday to watch the guys take on another huge battle!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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