Love of My Life – Joshy Style

These are my absolute favorite posts to share with you guys. Joshy has the most handsome face and it’s only fair that I share it with the people who snag a sneak peek into our lives every now and again. Every time Josh gets back into town after his job takes him away for a little bit of time. I like to get behind the lens and remember all the things I like about my favorite person in the whole world. I don’t quite forget, but it’s nice to be reminded.

This adventure took place in our own backyard… well – sort of. There’s this cool little trail that runs through some of the yards in our neighborhood that has some wildlife that you encounter when you take it. It’s a pretty cool little place to walk and take pictures. There’s always some great foliage, there’s always some kind of animal, and there’s always my cute husband that makes funny faces and stays his own beautiful self.

These pictures are also cool because he’s got the greatest shirt of all time on. Against Me! is one of our favorite bands, so it’s always nice to catch this handsome guy in our merch from some our favorite events and all time greatest memories together. We’ve bonded so much over these tunes in the past that it always makes me feel kind of warm to get a reminder of the cool things we did together making that bond.

In the pictures below, you’ll get to see Josh in his natural state. He’s adorable, pouty, a butt head, absolutely mischievous, and so so cute. Take a look at his personality as you go through these snaps… they practically bleed from each of these pictures.

Enjoy our adventure below!

There you have it! A multi-dimensional adventure told by one Joshua Allan Modica. He’s my favorite human and I think these pictures show you just a little bit of the reason why. I hope you enjoyed his total cuteness.

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…


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