Action Shots – Cobras 2.0 Edition!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope the weekend was relaxing and as epic as it could have been. I was in the Convo on Saturday, and the Men’s basketball team took home another great win, so my weekend was pretty dang great!

On top of having a great time at the game and getting some awesome shots, I also got to watch another basketball game. Getting to experience youth sports in a totally different dimension is really awesome and I’m so happy to be a part of it. You’ve seen The Cobras around here before, but this is a new and older version of that same named team. These Cobras are a co-ed team that are a couple years older than the little guys you’ve seen before.

I spent my morning with this team, watching as they navigated the basketball world together. One of the things I miss the most about being young is the cool ability to not know things. Learning is one of my favorite things as an adult and I’m so envious of people that are learning things I already know for the first time. It’s like watching it all over again, though, when I stand behind the camera. These kids are slowly but surely figuring out their athletic identities and learning the game in its simplest and most wholistic form.

Below, you’ll catch a team that seems to enjoy playing on the court every second their out there. Not only do they enjoy just playing, they seem to enjoy playing with each other, too. Enjoy the happiness you’ll see in these little faces and the aggression that’s surprisingly apparent throughout.

Parents, if you’re interested in purchasing these pictures, you’re more than welcome to! We’re offering these physical&digital prints individually for $5.00, 5 for $20.00, 10 for $40.00, and 15 for $60.00. Simply shoot me a message through this page here and I’ll get your order started. *Please do not simply copy and paste these. The watermark is there for a reason, so it should be respected. If you’d like to share them, shoot me a message and we’ll work something out!*

Cobras 2.0 – here we go!

There you have it! These guys were a blast to watch and even more fun to shoot. Who knows what team will be next?! If you’d like it to be yours, shoot us a message and we’ll make action shot magic happen!

If you’re interested in your own photo session, shoot us a message here and we’ll work on making your photography dreams come true!

Lastly, we’re still running our contest. If you’d like to be considered for a FREE couple’s session, click here to enter. Everyone that enters will receive a 30% off voucher for a future session, so don’t miss out!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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