My Cowboy

Happy Hump Day, everyone! This is one of those cool posts that I love getting to share with you guys. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve seen the countless times I’ve debuted my husband on the blog. He’s my favorite model and I’m always so so excited to get to put the camera in his face and get the best of his sides. This one just so happens to be one of the most favorite I’ve ever done.

Joshy boy is from the Mid-West, so the cowboy get up is kind of his thing. Not only was he raised in cowboy country, but he has spent a good bit of his adult life enjoying the benefits of being an actual cowboy. Up until the last couple of years, Josh worked the San Antonio Rodeo – getting up close and personal with all of the cowboys and the things that come with that population of people. He learned all there is to know about rodeo… and how to wear a cowboy hat.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always been a fan of a guy in a cowboy hat. There’s just something about it that makes any kind of outfit just a little bit better. Josh just kind of looks natural in the thing, too. He’s a hat guy to begin with. We’ve got piles and piles of the things at home. The cowboy hat, though, that’s almost like a badge of honor for the guy. He likes being able to put it on his head and know that he’s earned it, earned wearing what he believes is a badge of honor.

So, when he asked me what I wanted to do for VDAY pictures, I knew immediately. When you look at these things, you’ll understand. He looks great in the style, he looks great in the boots, and he just personifies everything cowboy. These are hands down my all time favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of Josh. Ever since I put them on the computer, I’ve gone back to them just to look at them. I’ll admit, I might have looked at these for a long, long, long time.

I’m hoping you guys enjoy Cowboy Josh a smidgen of the amount that I did. These pictures were so fun to shoot and even more fun to edit and look at… time and time again.

Here he is – Cowboy Josh!

There you have it! My husband is handsome and sometimes… I like to show that off. Besides, he looks good and everyone should be able to appreciate it!

If you’re interested in your own session, click this link here. I’m so excited by this year and all the opportunities I’ve had so far. I can’t wait to meet you guys and experience more with everyone!

Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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