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Hi, everyone! I hope you’re stoked for the weekend, because we’re one day away. I’m stoked for this weekend, merely because the next week is Spring Break! There’s not a singular thing wrong with having a few extra days of break. I’m heading to Frisco with the UTSA Men’s Basketball team, so I’m even more excited because of it.

Last weekend, my good friend Shelby asked me to come and shoot her cross fit competition. I’m a sucker for Ms. Shelby, so I couldn’t say no. Plus, I love everything to do with action photography. I’d never been to a cross fit competition,  nor have I ever shot cross fit, but I went into it with open eyes and a super eager trigger finger.

Cross fit is a very strenuous activity that pulls together a bunch of different biomechanic movements to perform different tasks and exercises. I spent a good amount of time working in the powerlifting gym out of high school, but this stuff is a lot faster and a lot more dynamic. It was really cool to watch all of the different exercises and learn more about the sport.

The day started with deadlifts! As someone who does these often, I know that you can feel really strong when you’re pulling a lot of weight. The ladies and gents in these pictures not only look strong, but super focused and dedicated to the exercise.

Next up was the bench for that coveted 1RM, then muscle ups/pull-ups/knee ups. As a person who loved the bars as a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed watching people on that apparatus.

To finish off the day, everyone did the fan bike for time, a 1.5 mile run with some burpees, and to finish – the rower and jump rope.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and I was exhausted at the end of this workout – and I didn’t even participate! If you’re looking for something that’s fun, dynamic, and filled with tough work and grit – cross fit is for you. Warhouse S&C is run really well and seems to be more of a community than an actual gym. Everyone is lifting others up and working hard for each other. That was probably the coolest bit to see!

There you have it! Check out Warhouse S&C to get your cross fit fix! Rob, the owner, is super down to Earth and seems like the type of coach that would push and push until you’re the best version of you that you can be.

Athletes- these are for sale (without the watermark)! Simply click on the photo, document what number it is (by looking at the web-bar), then send me a message through this link to secure your order. All prints are $5.00 individually, 5 for $20.00 and 10 for $40.00. These pictures are also a select few of the 1000+ that I ended up taking over the few hours. If you’re interested in seeing if there’s any more pictures of you/your child, send me a message and I’ll see what I can find for you!

We’re also booking for the summer months. My calendar is filling up so quickly, so don’t wait to book until the last minute! May starts wedding season and we’ll be very busy over here at Boshnasty Photos. I’ve added a contact form at the bottom of this post to make your booking that much easier.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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