St Pat’s – The Josh Modica Way!

Hi everyone! It’s a happy Tuesday over here at Boshnasty Photos. We just finished up a long basketball season and there’s not much that stands in the way between us, summer, and the great things we have planned! We’re already so busy throughout the summer – it’s kind of crazy!

One of the best things about being married to Josh is how creative and artistic he is. Where I lack, he makes up and that’s one of the greatest things about our partnership. Throughout the year, I put Josh in front of our backdrop and we celebrate whatever weird American holiday we can find for the time frame. Though neither of us are Irish, it seemed only appropriate to put a green hat on Josh’s head and grab some adorable pictures. It’s really funny, Josh doesn’t have any lineage, but he for sure looks like a leprechaun!

Besides looking perfect in the hat, Josh is chalk full of creative and fun ideas. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s not afraid to put on a headband and look like a green eyed angel! It’s always my idea to do the pictures, but Josh takes it home with the crazy poses and adorable faces he lets me catch. It’s an absolute blast and makes the studio we have that much more fun to incorporate into the business!

There you have it! This guy is a blast and we always manage to grab the best pictures in the process. We’ve got something really cool cooking for Easter, so definitely check back to see what we’ve got up our sleeve next!

We’re currently booking for Summer 2019! The schedule is looking more and more busy every time I look at it, so don’t wait to claim a spot with us. We’re also offering a 15% discount on all of our action shot packages – I can’t wait to watch the next season of sports!

Lastly, we’re putting together a really cool mini session back drop to celebrate Easter! We’re stoked to offer up some mini session times, but need your help – what dates would be the best for you guys? I’m adding a contact form at the bottom of this page so you can easily let us know your opinion and book a session!

Just for sticking around and checking out what we’re up to, we’ll give you guys 5% off any session booked today! Use the code TUESDAY in the comments when booking to receive your discount!

Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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