Chelsea & Raul – A Shavano Tennis Club Engagement

Hey, everyone – happy Saturday! I’m so very excited to put these pictures up today because they’re of a very good friend of mine. That’s one of the coolest bits of photography – getting to capture great things in people’s lives… especially those that are close to you. Josh and I get to do this on several different platforms, so it’s an absolute treasure!

Chelsea, who is totally stunning, works in my office. We’ve bee working on the football side of things together for the passed semester and a half and it’s lots of fun. We come from similar backgrounds, were both athletes, and we both have these open minds that are thirsty and hunting for knowledge. Every conversation with this girl is interesting and full of thought provoking moments.

Chelsea and I have been talking about engagements and her hopeful engagement to Raul since we met. When people find out you’re a photographer, it opens up lots of doors and avenues for conversation. So, when she ended up winning one of our giveaways and they got engaged shortly after, I was so so so excited to be a part of something we’d talked about and shared about for a while. Raul is amazing and it was cool to see who he was and how he made my friend feel. Chelsea and Raul have so much fun together – most of these pictures you’re about to see are filled with laughter and excitement. The two of them make each other laugh and share looks that I’m not sure they even know about. It was an honor to capture who they are together and what their love is like.

Chelsea & Raul, we wish you the very best and can’t wait to be married friends with you guys! These pictures are stunning and I’m stoked to have shot them!

There you have it! I love getting to know couples and who they are together. It’s one of the best pieces of this job. Chelsea and Raul just so happen to be even more special to both Josh and I – so this was an absolute blast!

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Thanks for sticking with us, guys – I love getting to do this and the continuous support helps me continue more than y’all can possibly know. We appreciate you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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