Bridget & Mundo – A Downtown Adventure!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I don’t generally work in my office on Friday’s, so I”m so close to my weekend – I can pretty much taste it. After today, the end of my work week always flies! I’m so very excited for this weekend and am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays nice so I can shoot all the awesome people on my schedule!

Today’s blog post revolves around two of the cheerleaders Josh and I have come to know over the passed year or so. I get to stand side by side with these guys during basketball season – so it’s nice to know have gotten to know a couple of them. We ran a giveaway around the Valentine’s Day holiday, and they received one of the free shots that we offered as a prize. Those kinds of sessions are always my favorite – there is no expectation from either party, so it’s much more relaxed and down to Earth. For the most part, we laughed and chuckled the entire time we took these two through the shoot.


Bridget and Edmundo are adorable together – I think that needs to be said firsthand. They are on the cheer squad together and you don’t generally see one without the other. They tease and pick and play around the entire time they are with each other. If he’s not making her laugh, she’s giggling and starting him up. For the entire hour we spent with them, it couldn’t be said that we weren’t smiling and having a great time every minute of it. If you get anything from these pictures, it’s that these two are really good together and last minute locations can be the best kinds!

Here they are –  Bridget and Mundo through pictures!

There you have it! I think we have the most fun with people who aren’t afraid to have fun – who come into the session with wide eyes and happy souls like these two did. Thanks again, guys! We had a blast and hope you enjoyed it the same way we did.

We’re putting on some Easter/Spring mini sessions that are moderately priced and great for those spring decorations I’m sure everyone is putting up. You can find more information about times and pricing on this page here. I’ll also include a contact form at the end of this post to make for easy booking!

We are also booking for Summer 2019! My schedule is already looking insanely crammed, so it’s important to book your sessions now so you can grab a spot on my calendar. I’ll eventually have to close booking down and I’d hate for you guys to miss out on sessions!

To thank you guys for sticking through this post, use the code GRATEFUL in the comment of your contact form to get $15 off a session!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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