UTSA Cheer – A Showcase

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve had a horrible migraine all day long, so putting this blog together was quite the task. I thought, because they’re on their way to Daytona, that it was appropriate to put out the first part of their showcase pictures, though. It was totally worth getting up and being productive for a short period of time!

UTSA Cheer does a lot of stuff for the Roadrunners. They are the face, the spirit, and some of the cutest people I know. They bleed blue and orange, and it’s really cool to see. As a female athlete, we didn’t have too much interaction with the cheer squad – so it has been fun getting to know this awesome group of people.

IMG_8119 copy

Since they do so much for the rest of campus, it was cool to capture the one thing they did for themselves. They’re competing in Daytona this week for Nationals, and they decided to show the students at UTSA what they have and practice for their performance all at once. The turnout was great and we got a special sneak peek of what the groups would be presenting to the judges on competition day.

Below, you’ll find really fun pictures. These people genuinely enjoy their time together, doing what they love to do. You can see it in the pictures – just how clearly this sport is loved by everyone. I got to capture a bit of their warm-up, and some of the things they do are so creative and unique. Here’s hoping you enjoy my take on being artistic!

Check out UTSA Cheer below!

There you have it! These are some of my favorites – but there are tons more. If you’re interested in knowing if there’s more of you, simply shoot us a message. They are also available for purchase ($5.00 a piece or 5 for $20.00).

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Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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