Eliza – Senior Edition!

Happy Friday, everyone! This is my day off throughout the week, so I soak up every second of the downtime as I possibly can. Today, I got to finish off one of the most gorgeous galleries I’ve ever put up. I’m sure I say that every time I put one of these posts together, but it’s so cool to see beautiful people reflected in my photography!

You’ve seen this cat on the blog before – Ms. Eliza and her friends were debuted around Christmas time with a cool little smushed family photo shoot. This time, Eliza is here for an even cooler and more exciting reason – she’s graduating! Finishing high school is one thing, but getting that college diploma is one of the greatest feelings ever. For the first time, you’ve gotten to make all your life choices and the culmination of those choices has resulted in a college degree. For me, it was one of the best indicators of finally being “an adult”.

Eliza, we’re so insanely stoked for you! I’ve enjoyed all the time I’ve gotten to know you over the passed few years and can’t wait to see what you unleash upon the masses. Whether it’s art or your creativity thrust upon the science community – it’s going to be something great! There’s nothing like walking that stage, so I’m so excited you trusted us to capture your celebration of that. These are some of my favorites!

The pictures below are filled with UTSA pride and happiness that can’t be contained. Here’s hoping you enjoy them as much as we did!

There you have it! We’re so stoked for the Class of 2019 to get their time to shine, and we’re here to celebrate. We had a blast with Eliza and can’t wait to celebrate with some of you guys!

We are currently discounting senior/graduation session prices by 25%! My calendar is pretty full, so I’m trying to give everyone the chance to book before I don’t have anymore space. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, so let’s go explore your beautiful campus!

Since I’m a UTSA alum, all of my UTSA grads can grab an extra 5% off by using the code BIRDSUP when booking your session!

We’re also putting on some Easter/Spring mini sessions the next couple of weekends! You can find the times that are available through this post here. The backdrop and props are pretty cute, and would make for great family pictures!

Thanks for tagging along, guys. Every single thing I put up on the blog is made possible because of the people who book sessions and read through our adventures. We are forever grateful!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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