West’s 1st Easter!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope the weekend was filled with lots of fun, great weather, and awesome company. I love the weekend. It’s one of the only time I get my Joshy 100% to myself. Sometimes we throw in photo shoots and practice, but for the most part, Saturday & Sunday are the days I get all the attention I want (at least during the months of April-September.)

To start off my weekend, I spent a little bit of time with half of The Henson’s. Quinton has a big kid job, so I got to spend some quality time with West and his gorgeous wife to be, Ashleigh. I approached her about doing Easter pictures and knew it was a great idea the second we put West in the basket. Let me ask you this – what is seriously more cute than a baby in a basket?

We spent the rest of the session trying to answer that question. I’ll tell you this – a baby on his belly, a baby with a fist in his mouth, and a baby getting fussy are all pretty cute, too! Between Ash’s bottle and my terribly executed games of “Peek-a-boo”, we managed to get some really great shots of an extremely adorable little boy.

As you look through these pictures, check out not only the cute little props around this guy, but his striking blue eyes and the obvious enjoyment of the things around him. It’s so cool to watch the world through a baby’s eyes. West is enjoying everything for the first time, and it’s a joy to watch!

There you have it! Ash & Q, thanks for letting Josh and I be a part of this little guy’s life. We’re stoked to see how big and tall he’ll be the next time we see him!

Since my bluebonnets got rained out on Saturday, I’m offering a few hours this Friday, April 19th for those who want Easter/Spring/Bluebonnet pictures done before the heat starts to make Texas look a little less green and “Spring”-like. There’s a contact form at the bottom of this page to make for easy booking.

We’re also currently offering 30% off our senior/graduation sessions. I’d love to get a few people in before May when campus is crowded with people doing the exact same thing. Book with us now and schedule a date before the end of May and we’ll give you an extra 5% off your total session price!

We’d love to be your photographer for any sort of situation, so don’t hesitate to reserve a spot and book with us now! We’ve got a summer packed full of great things and we can’t wait to add you guys to it!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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