Fiesta Photo Sessions!

Hello again, everyone! Last night, I did a poll on Instragram about Fiesta photo sessions. I haven’t ever done these before, but this celebration is so rich in San Antonio, I want to take part in it in my own little way. So, we’re officially offering Fiesta photo sessions!

We’re offering these Fiesta photo sessions on April 19th, 20th, & 26th from 10-2. Since there’s not much time between then and now, I’m only opening a few spots to ensure I have enough time to prepare! I’m really excited for these – I think it’ll be really cool to step out of the box and embrace the place around me a little more intimately.

So! If you’re looking to get some Fiesta celebration photos done, look no further! Let’s get colorful and bring the excitement of Fiesta into a singular image. Simply fill out the contact form below, include the date and time you’d like to fill, and I’ll get you on the calendar. Once all eight of the spots are filled, we’ll be booked up and ready to celebrate Fiesta!

Thanks for keeping up, everyone. Hopefully I’ll see some of you on Friday & Saturday!

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