Senior Sunday – Shane & Zeus

Happy Sunday, everyone! It has been a gorgeous weekend so far, and it looks as if the day is promising to be just the same. Being in Texas during this time of the year, you never know what you’re going to get – but it’s nice when you’re getting the really nice side of the weather around here! And, as a photographer, the amazing weather is an excellent perk to the photoshoots I’ve gotten to take part in.

On the blog today is Shane and his pal Zeus. Josh and Shane have known each other for a while, and when I started to date Josh, I got to be a part of his friendship with Shane. Shane is a veteran and Zeus is his service animal. They’re pals, and it’s awesome to see the two of them around campus. Zeus, when you’re lucky enough to get to pet/interact with him, is super sweet and incredibly protective of Shane. So, it made the most sense to incorporate him into these pictures, too!

I’ve been enjoying doing these senior sessions over the passed few weeks and can’t wait for all the others I have planned! These sessions are filled with people celebrating their accomplishment, and the way people personalize them make shooting so much fun. As a college graduate who had my own unique experience, it’s cool to know that so many others went to the same place, but enjoyed it in their own way.

It also doesn’t hurt that UTSA has a beautiful campus! We’re still got a few sessions open, if you want to explore it with us.

Enjoy our senior pal below! He’s full of spunk and a personality that’s worth knowing!

There you have it! Shane, thanks for celebrating your awesome accomplishment with Josh & I. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the world and end up doing with your many experiences!

I’m so stoked to celebrate with you guys that we’re discounting our sessions by 35%! If you book with us before the end of April, we’ll give you an extra 5% off. I’m not going to be taking on too many more sessions, so book while you still can!

I also need a bit of help! I’m thinking about doing some Mommy & Me sessions in celebration of Mother’s Day. Would anyone be interested in a session like that? They’d be mini sessions, so a much cheaper option! I’ll leave a contact form below to make giving feedback and book more easy!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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