UTSA Athletics – Fiesta!

Happy Thursday, everyone! I love the weeks I get to make multiple blog posts. It means I’m keeping busy and producing the art I love making. I’m so grateful to continuously have photos to edit and clients to shoot. Thank you for the support and adventures – it’s some of the best stuff in my life!

Today’s blog post is all about UTSA Athletics and the cool stuff they put on for their donors. Last week, UTSA’s event had sole occupancy at Fiesta Texas! If you’re from here, or you’ve been in the city for a while –  you know how awesome Six Flags is. So, getting to go without the crowds was an absolute blast! There’s nothing like riding a roller coaster over and over again without waiting in line.

To celebrate the successful athletic year, UTSA gathered some of the big wigs for a night of fun. The evening started with the athletes escorting the guests into the venue, then yummy food, followed by unlimited rides on Goliath. If you’re not familiar, that’s the big yellow and blue coaster you can see from the highway – and one of my favorites!

All and all, this event was a great way to bond with the community, learn more about our next steps, and enjoy some of the San Antonio culture. Fiesta, the holiday and the amusement park, is San Antonio excellence, so it was fun to take part in UTSA’s version!

While you’re going through these pictures, enjoy the scenery, and the enjoyment everyone has on their faces. It’s cool to be a part of something bigger than yourself – and it’s even better when that happens to be Division I college athletics!

There you have it! Getting to spend time with my Roadrunner family is always a blast – and I’ll take it in any form that I can get. Catch Goliath over at Fiesta Texas and UTSA Athletics the rest of the spring seasons and into the fall!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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