Arlayna – Class of 2019

Happy Sunday, everyone! It has been a crazy couple days for The Modica’s. We’re currently in Springfield, Missouri – soaking up family time & enjoying the many things this gorgeous place has to offer. May is going to be a blast and this is our starting leg!

Today’s blog post is all about Arlayna! Arlayna is someone I’ve known since my last semester of undergrad. I forgot to take statistics and needed the class to graduate, whereas she was a bright eyed freshman just getting started. After a couple weeks of sitting at the end of her table, I finally leaned over and made a connection. We ended up being in the same presentation group at the end of the semester, securing myself an A in the class. Now, Arlayna is all grown up and finishing up her degrees in Nutrition & Dietetics!

As someone who gets to interact with people being academically successful on a daily basis, it’s pretty cool to see people do good things. Yet, it’s even better when the people doing these great things are people I’ve known for a while – and have seen at several different stages of life. Growing up is measured not just by your successes, but by those around you, too – and it’s cool to see we’ve all done some pretty excellent growing.

Take in the pictures below and enjoy the uniqueness that Arlayna brings to the table. She’s stunning, has the brightest of smiles, and used some of the greatest props I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. Next time you want to bring an apple to your session, don’t hesitate – it actually looks fantastic!

Congrats, Arlayna – Happy Graduation!

There you have it! Arlayna, we wish you the best of luck. I can’t wait to taste the many creations you bring to the people of the world!

We’re still offering 45% off senior/graduation sessions! Today is the last day to grab this awesome deal. When Josh and I get back from Missouri on the 8th, all of my photography spots are dedicated to senior pictures until we pack up and leave again! Let’s take that victory lap around campus and take some fabulous pictures along the way!

All other sessions have also been discounted – we’re extending our May the 4th Flash Sale one more day. Which means all other sessions are 15% off and will stay that way until 5/8. There is a contact form at the bottom of this post to make for easy booking and question asking!

As always, we appreciate each and every person who stops & takes time to read these words and check out our images. We’re here because of you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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